Keep on pushing it!

It’s been a pretty long while, since my last post and you may have asked yourself why I didn’t shown up all this time. Well! The answer is simple. I opened this space to challenge myself in a specific way, because at a moment, I realized how important it will be for me, for my personal expansion. In fact last year during my stay in Canada, I have had some important interviews and realized that I was reaching a new level of my life as a policy advocate and even professionally I was in a sort of transition, however I had an issue, the language barrier. I am not a native English speaker and had none of my regular education programs in English but that part of the story is not the easiest to tell interview panels members, depending on your level.
So goes life (I previously written this is how life goes)! At some point of life, we have no excuses of being at the average level. We just have to assume we can do it, and give the total best of ourselves. I started learning English when I was ten and freshly beginning secondary school. I believed my advantage before my classmates at that period was my dictionary. I was passionate of reading books and even dictionaries so, to me it was normal to read as many English words as possible daily. I remember coming back from school, laying down on the floor in the room and writing full texts in French and then translating them into English. This helped me be part of the best in my English classes until my first grad at the Uni. Writing English to get marks, has never been a big issue.  I enrolled years later in a renowned communication club and became one of the best speakers of our sessions in my country, until the period of my life when I started realizing how different it can be to fully practice the language among native speakers and on a professional level.
To be honest, I am not complaining and should be proud of myself but the fact is, the more we train ourselves on pushing our limits, barriers and frustrations away, the more obvious self-pressure becomes. I often read my colleagues professional mails written in English with a great admiration. The way sentences are constructed, words are put altogether or even the way they deliver their presentations on panels and so on, have always been a dream to me. I know I can speak a good English, but I am feeling overwhelmed because, I have to put more energy in it, before starting the work…
Before expressing my ideas, using technical words, writing articles, publications, drafting projects, submitting application and all these things, I always need to remember the language and find the right words. Sometimes, I just go blank, but it never stops me.
I believe my level is improving… I am still working on it every day, trying to get perfect. My computer, phone, phone apps, movies, music and programs are all in English including my social media posts and I assume that sometimes I just get bored (smiles.). But I am on my way, and no matter how overwhelmed I may feel today, I am sure I am just paving the way to hundreds of other francophone little girls, following my path and it has no cost. That reason is sufficient enough for me to pursue the battle. However I am trying to be more consistent and we will be talking more often these days… Hugs! Hugs!


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