The Right to be a Woman

I have the right to be a woman, no need to claim it but they made me claim it.
I have the right to share my story, with the world, with girls, with women and with men. They need to know my story, because as any other one, my story matters.
Can't you hear my voice? Don't you love it? I am lucky to have a voice and I wish I could use it to speak for all the voiceless girls and women...

I am a woman and I have the right to be a woman.
As a woman, I have the right to live, live for my dreams.
As a woman, I have the right to love and to be loved and I know I deserve love.
I am so happy when surrounded by women, because no one than a woman, better knows how to love a woman. I am grateful for a mother, a sister, a friend, they make me stand out of the crowd.

They thought, I am too weak for heavy machinery and yet, I can drive and build cars, trucks and planes. They said, I am just good for babies, and yet I can teach science and travel to the space.

Isn't it beautiful? I am strong because I am a woman.
I should tell you more about what it takes to be a woman. There are many things I do and experience every single day. I run sucessful businesses, I lead complex teams and share visions, I live for a passion, , I feel and share emotions, I cry, I laugh, I celebrate moments, I enjoy public and intimate display of love, I choose to give birth, you know, I simplily live in a remarkable way. I am Remarkable and with a fearless assurance, I can say that, God is a woman. I have the right to say it, because I also deserve the freedom of expression.

I am a woman, and I have the right to be a woman, for everything that I am and for everything that I say. This is my right!


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